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FCC: Profanity OK on news shows

UPI | November 8, 2006
By Frances Burns

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has ruled that profanities can be used in news interviews but not on awards shows or in fictional shows.

The agency reversed its finding in March that CBS's "The Early Show" was indecent when a "Survivor" contestant used the word "bullshitter" in an interview to describe a rival, the Los Angeles Times reported. The commission upheld a finding that profanities used by winners and presenters in the 2003 "Billboard Music Awards" on Fox were indecent.

"Hollywood continues to argue they should be able to say the F-word on television whenever they want," said Chairman Kevin Martin. "The commission again disagrees."

The FCC also reversed an indecency finding for language used on "NYPD Blue" on the technical grounds that the complaint was made by someone not living in the broadcast area.

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