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Fox News Ratings Continue Slide

News Hounds | September 26 2006

Fewer Americans are watching cable news than a year ago, and Fox News is suffering the biggest desertions, according to figures posted Tuesday (Sept. 26, 2006) today on mediabistro.com

The numbers published by mediabistro show a 27 percent drop in Fox News' total viewership during the day and 35 percent during prime time during the third quarter of this year compared with the third quarter a year ago. The 2005 numbers probably were inflated by public interest in Hurricane Katrina.

Fox News, however, lost more viewers than did other cable networks. The next closest were CNN, down 21 percent during the day and Headline News, down 28 percent, during primetime.

mediabistro also reported that Fox News' advantage over CNN in the key age 25-54 demographic group also has shrunk, based on graphs supplied by CNN.

The trend of Fox News' ratings begins to look like that Limbo-Rock song: How low can you go?



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