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Martial Law on the Big Screen in Missouri

MCHSI | August 29 2005

Truth Seekers in Springfield, Missouri (hometown of liberty-thief John Ashcroft) have taken it upon themselves to present a very special series of screenings of Martial Law throughout September including one showing on September 11th.

Although Martial Law filmmaker Alex Jones will not be present for these screenings, they are guaranteed to be the most enlighting events you have experienced in a movie theater.


Screening Series Website

Martial Law Trailer

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This is Alex Jones' best film to date so don't miss this rare opportunity to see it on the big screen!

There are only TWO screenings of Martial Law and both are expected to sell out, so get your seats in advance today!

Call (417) 882-6469 for tickets.

* This not-for-profit screening series is being staged by independent persons unaffiliated with Alex Jones & the Infowars network of websites. Ticket purchases are made through paypal and all proceeds go to the series' sponsers; Alex Jones & Infowars receive none of the revenue from this event.



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