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Cavuto Uses Video of Burning WTC Tower and 9/11 Rescue Workers to Make a Point About the Federal Reserve

Newshounds | August 14, 2007

Bob Murray, the owner of the mine in Utah where the six men are trapped, was holding a news conference this afternoon (August 13, 2007) when Shepard Smith signed off on "Studio B" and turned Fox over to Fox's "premiere business news" guy, Neil Cavuto. After a FOX NEWS ALERT, Cavuto told his audience that they were "monitoring the situation there," and Fox switched to video of one of the burning WTC towers and several seconds of video of 9/11 rescue workers digging through the rubble there.

Video below the jump.

Meanwhile, Cavuto, referring to the "subprime mortgage mess," used the video to illustrate how long it has been since the Federal Reserve pumped so money into the system: "Not since this [9/11] have we seen anything like this [video of the floor of the NYSE].

Comment: Since when is it acceptable for a "fair and balanced news" organization, in the United States of America, to use terror to instill fear in its audience?

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