Journalist Defends 9/11 Hit Piece On The Alex Jones Show
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Journalist Defends 9/11 Hit Piece On The Alex Jones Show

Prison Planet | April 26, 2005

Front Page Magazine journalist John Sanders appeared on the Alex Jones show to defend his hit piece on North Carolina Wesleyan College Professor Jane Christensen.

Basically the entire article was a copy and paste job. Sanders just listed what the Professor's website said and the websites it linked to. This was somehow meant to prove that Christensen was a kook by default. Sanders never offered any proof to counter Christensen's information.

Sanders refered to three articles that had been carried on Prison the day he wrote the article in an attempt to illustrate Prison's unreliability and kookiness. Unfortunately, all three articles were from mainstream news outlets.


CLICK HERE to listen to the show in full.

Associated Press report on the college course.

Sander's Article

Infowars Network Response to Sanders Article

Visit Prof. Christensen's Site

A more balanced Review of Christensen's Site

One was even from Hearst Publishing, owners of Popular Mechanics, who had attacked us on similar grounds in their March issue.

Since Sanders' article was completely hollow his on-air debaing style took on a morally relativistic nature. He had nothing to defend because in essence his article made no point.

So in that sense it was difficult to pin Sanders down but near the end he did admit that it was a hit piece and started to get frustrated and rant about conspiracy theories.

We feel that, unlike the Popular Mechanics hit piece, which was a carefully orchestrated government operation with clear links to Homeland Security, Sanders is just ignorant and his article betrays journalistic lethargy. We don't think Mr. Sanders is necessarily evil, just deluded.

Sanders clearly knew nothing about 9/11 and labelled every piece of evidence Alex raised as 'yet another coincidence'. Mr. Sanders is clearly a coincidence theorist.

His scoffing at White House links to Trotskyites and Straussian ideology can be immediately challenged by the following articles.

ASIA TIMES: Neocons dance a Strauss waltz

Is United States foreign policy being run by followers of an obscure German Jewish political philosopher whose views were elitist, amoral and hostile to democratic government? Suddenly, political Washington is abuzz about Leo Strauss, who arrived in the US in 1938 and taught at several major universities before his death in 1973.

Canadian National Post: Trotsky's ghost wandering the White House

The distance between the Russia of 1917 and the Washington of 2003 is so great that many question whether Trotsky and Shachtman have really left a legacy for the Bush administration. For Christopher Phelps, the circuitous route from Trotsky to Bush is "more a matter of rupture and abandonment of the left than continuity."

The BBC just aired a three part documentary on this subject. Here is a quote from The Power of Nightmares.

"At the same time, in Chicago, there was another man who shared the same fears about the destructive force of individualism in America. He was an obscure political philosopher at the University of Chicago. But his ideas would also have far-reaching consequences, because they would become the shaping force behind the neoconservative movement, which now dominates the American administration. He was called Leo Strauss."

You can watch all three parts by clicking here .

Will you attempt to pass all this off as conspiracy theory, Mr. Sanders?

Vanity Fair, Popular Mechanics, Front Page Magazine, we have a message for you, to paraphrase Ghandi....

First you ignore us....

Then you laugh at us....

Then you attack us....




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