Marines Try To Recruit 79-Year-Old Woman
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Marines Try To Recruit 79-Year-Old Woman

WFMY | September 23, 2005

Greensboro, NC -- The Marine Corps is always looking for people to join the ranks of "the few, the proud." But one Greensboro woman found a recent recruiting effort a bit surprising.

Apparently the Marine Corps knew the heart of Adella Higenbotham Casler, who says she's more than willing to serve.

"If I can do something for my country, no matter the age, if you're physically and mentally able I want to do my part."

But Casler doesn't know if she could live up to the physical requirements.

Performing hundreds of pushups or running a mile in under 10 minutes would be taxing for a woman who is 79 years old.

It's probably not her physically abilities that prompted the letter. Casler grew up in a home of Lebanese immigrants and spoke Arabic. She's kept up her language skills, but she never expected the military would take an interest in her.

"I was shocked. I said oh my goodness, isn't that wonderful that they could consider me at my age?"

Casler comes from a military family, her first husband was a veteran as was her second husband.
Casler also lost a son in Vietnam. While she knows she can't help, she does offer her support.

"I want to thank all the men and women fighting in Iraq and I pray for those families who have fallen heroes."

Casler will write back to the Marine Corps, saying it's the least she can do.

As far as why she got the letter? Casler says she thinks a job application she filled out years ago may have put her on a list of Arabic speakers and her name just came up.
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