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New Poll Shows New Yorkers Support Missile Defense

SPX | March 23 2006

More than 70 percent of citizens throughout the state of New York support a missile defense system with the ability to protect the United States from a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. The results came from a new poll commissioned by the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA).

The poll also registered how New Yorkers viewed political priorities and public safety concerns. Based upon the poll results, 81 percent of registered voters in New York believe that both the state and New York City will be a likely target for a missile attack by countries or terrorist groups wanting to strike the United States. The results of the poll were announced by Riki Ellison, MDAA president, at the Fourth Annual Missile Defense Conference in Washington D.C.

"These results show that New Yorkers strongly support a missile defense system as an important part of homeland security and public safety," said Ellison, who founded MDAA in 2002. "It is clear that New Yorkers are aware of the threat and see missile defense as an additional solution along with diplomacy and international treaties to negate the proliferation of missiles that can carry weapons of mass destruction."

More than one-third of New York voters believe that the most important priority for the President of the United States and Congress to address this year is national defense and homeland security. Healthcare and the economy were the second and third-most reported priorities, with 22 percent and 21 percent respectively. In addition, 31 percent of voters reported they believe terrorism is currently the most significant threat to the U.S. and its allies, followed by dependence on Middle East oil and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.




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