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U.S. Military Wants Weapons In Space

AFP | April 7, 2005

The Bush administration is advocating the weaponization of space to sustain the global dominance of the U.S. military.

While the aggressive new policy aimed at making U.S. satellites capable of striking enemy targets both on the ground and in orbit may be scuttled by controversy or prohibited by cost, elements within the White House and the Pentagon will continue to stress the military's increasing dependence on satellite technology and the dangers associated with sharing more and more outer-space real estate with other nations not always in synch with U.S. interests, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

"Because we depend so heavily on space capabilities, we must be prepared when directed to confront adversaries on the high ground of space," former Air Force Secretary Peter Teets told Congress in March.

"If (diplomatic or non-lethal) measures fail, we reserve the right under international law to take defensive action against an adversary's space capability."

With nations like China and Russia actively pursing treaties that would outlaw the deployment of space-based weapons, analysts say cosmic battlefields will only flourish if the president extends his policy of pre-emptive military action to the heavens.

"They will go there if we go there," says Theresa Hitchens of the Center for Defense Information in Washington. "If somebody else did go first, we could go second very quickly and probably better."

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