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Brown Answers Bilderberg Question
By getting a lower minister to refuse to answer it

Infowars.net | January 16, 2007
Steve Watson

Last week we reported how British MP, Norman Baker, who had previously asked Prime Minister Tony Blair to reveal details of any Bilderberg meetings he has attended, has also now officially asked the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, and most likely next Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to reveal details of his own attendances at Bilderberg.

Baker's question has now been "answered", but not by Brown himself, by John Healey, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury. The question and "answer" appeared today in the parliamentary records :

Norman Baker: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer in which years since 1997 (a) he and (b) other Treasury Ministers have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group. [115142]

John Healey: Treasury Ministers and officials have meetings with a wide range of organisations and individuals in the public and private sectors as part of the process of policy development and delivery. As was the case with previous Administrations, it is not the Government's practice to provide details of all such meetings.

Translation: The government is not accountable, it can meet to form and implement policy with whichever unelected officials and foreign business interests it chooses without telling you anything.


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