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EU Constitution Dead ... For Now

JBS | June 21, 2007
Dennis Behreandt

Under pressure from opposition in Poland and elsewhere, the EU gives up on the idea of a Constitution.

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According to the BBC, Germany has proposed that the European Union discontinue efforts to gain acceptance for a constitution for the entire EU. The topic was to have been discussed at an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, but in a paper circulated to EU member states, Germany, hitherto a staunch supporter of the constitution, proposed abandoning the idea, at least for now. The "constitutional concept ... is abandoned," says the German paper according to BBC News.

The German move is designed to mollify "Euroskeptics" in an effort to gain agreement on a new "reform" treaty. Unfortunately, the proposed treaty now being sought by Germany, which is set to chair the upcoming EU summit, "retains most of the rejected EU constitution but in [a] new amended form," according to the EU Observer.

That hasn't satisfied critical leaders in Poland and the UK who warn their nations may veto the proposed treaty. According to the BBC, "Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said a veto remained 'highly likely' while UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said no deal was better than a bad deal." Speaking to Parliament, Beckett said: "If it comes down to deal or no deal at this European Council the UK government is clear... no deal is better than buying any old pig in a poke." Beckett, BBC News reported, went on to emphasize that Britain wants a Europe "of sovereign nations, not a superstate."

Despite the apparently strong opposition to the final move in creating a European superstate, defeat of the German proposal is by no means certain, and Kaczynski said that there was a 50-50 chance that an agreement would be reached at the summit. "We realise we cannot stop the process [of reform] that would be too risky for the future," Poland's Kaczynski said.

Still, the abandonment of the EU constitution is a major milestone in the effort to preserve the sovereignty of individual nations against internationalist plans to meld multi-national blocs into supranational political entities. That effort is furthest along in Europe where the first proposals to create what is now known as the European Union were floated in France and England during World War II.

If, at this late stage, opposition in Europe can force the abandonment of an EU Constitution, then those opposed to the political integration of North America should be able to repeat that achievement with even greater success in the United States.


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