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Treaty could pave way for European ID card

London Telegraph | September 16, 2007
Bruno Waterfield

Euro passports and ID cards could be on the way under new powers written into the EU Treaty, it was disclosed yesterday.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that existing safeguards preventing EU interference with national identity documents have been quietly dropped.

Sources close to negotiations suggest that Britain has allowed the safeguards to be removed in order to participate in EU security measures, such as biometric passports and ID cards.

William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, said: "Gordon Brown has absolutely no democratic mandate to sign Britain up to a possible Euro ID card scheme.

"It illustrates how important it is that the British people have their promised say on this treaty."

Derek Scott, chairman of the I Want A Referendum campaign, said: "Under the Constitutional Treaty, work on harmonisation of identity documents would gain momentum.

"The EU is doing a lot of radical things in this area with far too little scrutiny, so it's no wonder that many people are uncomfortable with this."

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