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FMNN | September 20, 2006

I was pleased to see an article published published Monday, September 11, 2006 by the Ottowa Citizen interviewing freedom firebrand Alex Jones. Jones is well known for his controversial site Prisonplanet.com, for his radio programs, videos and outrageous “freedom” stunts such as infiltrating the weird Bohemian Grove get-togethers of some of America's most powerful leaders.

In my new book “High Alert,” I track the “modern conspiracy” of money power and show that the so-called “open conspiracy” is at least 100 years. You don't have to look very hard to find it. Its protagonists proclaim it every day by their words and actions. And there is a body of scholarly evidence that fairly conclusively points it out. The modern conspiracy began with Rhodes and his instruments, the CFR, Roundables, etc., are extant today – and have joined with other groups..

Now Jones goes a lot farther than that, as do other popular conspiracy oriented sites. But then again, America's past if full of fervent freedom-fighters – Tom Paine is an example – and there is certainly justification for a “paranoid style” of political reportage when it comes to freedom fighting in the 21st century. What especially impressed about the Ottowa interview were Jones' statements about the Internet. The paper quotes Jones as saying, "The Internet has changed the entire paradigm … It is the greatest development since the Gutenberg press. … Almost anyone who can ask a good question and write well can put it on the Internet and have a million readers. It's like the wild, wild west. The dominant corporate media is being challenged by the voice of the people — a diverse voice of the people. Even if the truth is ugly, we have to tell it. … The alternative media exponentially explodes to a new level every few months. The establishment has got a big problem."

Excellent point – one that should be repeated over and over again. In “Global Governance and Dead Men Walking,' a High Alert article on FMNN from July 12, 2005, I made it as well, as follows: “Communication is power. … The last transformative communications invention was the Gutenberg printing press with its moveable type. Five-hundred years ago when the press was invented, no one had bibles and few could read. Only 100-years later, the Gutenberg press had provided so many people with bibles that the knowledge of the Church's interpretative deviance could not be concealed. Result: the discrediting of the Catholic hierarchy including the Pope, the beginning of the Reformation, the foundering of the Divine Right of Kings (as a result of the Church's difficulties) and eventually the founding a New World republic – the united States of America (now know as the United States of America). Yet it all began with a few ounces of molten metal. … The Internet is the latest battlefield, and the headlines are apparent if you know where to look. … there are signs – arguable certainly – that the Internet is beginning to have the kind of impact of the Gutenberg press. … It took a century for the Gutenberg press to change the world, but technology moves faster these days. The Internet has been around for well over a decade. Its influence will continue to accelerate.”

Economic Perspective

Business cycle: The business cycle with its emphasis on commodities has entered the period of an “inflationary blowoff” – one that makes it hard for the money elite to conduct business as usual. This last happened in the 1970s, and there is every reason to believe, this time, that current period of business cycle will be extended even past a decade. When gold is moving toward $1,000 an ounce, as it appeared to be for a while, the Federal Reserve has more difficulty maintaining the fiction that the U.S. dollar is not subject to inflation. Whether or not the price of gold is currently being manipulated down, there are plenty of current events that are providing fertile ground for the truth-telling of the Internet. In fact, the two trends – a commodity oriented business cycle and a technologically powerful Internet – have converged. This is a good thing.

Socially Dominant Theme: The War on Terror . What animates Alex Jones - and others who have come to the same conclusions - is that, as a famous cartoon strip personality once said: “We have seen the enemy and it is us.” At the very least, it is a weird scenario that has been advanced. Who is Bin Laden, after all? He is the privileged scion of a wealthy family that does – or did – extensive business with the Bush family. What is Al Qaeda? Hard to say. Apparently, Al Qaeda is everywhere, planting nuclear bombs, destroying buildings and generally reshaping the Muslim word. Yet, as with the Cold War itself, when the reality of what is going on is clinically dissected, the anomalous information tends to overwhelm the mainstream media script. Below is just one anomalous factoid among many:

“In January 2002, As U.S. Forces in Afghanistan were hunting down Al Qaeda suspects, the CBS news show 60 Minutes II got its hands on some sensational footage: seven hours' worth of videotape showing Al Qaeda terrorists training in an Afghan camp. The source of the tapes, a former U.S. Special Forces soldier named Jonathan Keith Idema—known familiarly as Keith—was more than a little dubious. Idema claimed to be working as an adviser to the Northern Alliance, but he was also an ex-con who had served three years in federal prison for wire fraud and had a criminal record in three states. He was, in addition, a serial litigator who had once sued CBS. But the tape's content—featuring masked men in a bullet-scarred compound training to assassinate and kidnap world leaders—proved a TV producer's dream.”

For more, see http://newyorkmetro.com/nymetro/news/people/features/10121/

Free Markets Analysis:

Conclusion: The Internet is documenting the War on Terror in a way that the Cold War was never documented. In doing so, much is being brought into question that would not otherwise ever have come to light. Everything from the destruction of the World Trade Towers to the War on Terror itself is suddenly in doubt. No wonder Donald Rumsfled has “declared war” on the ‘Net, as the Asia Times noted in February 2006:

“Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld has signaled that he plans to intensify a campaign to influence global media coverage of the United States, a move that is likely to heighten the debate over press freedom and propaganda-free reporting. Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York last week, Rumsfeld said Washington would launch a new drive to spread and defend US views, especially on the ‘war on terror.' … Critics in Washington say the new media blitz joins a long list of decisions by the administration of President George W Bush, such as ordering the National Security Agency to spy on US citizens without warrants, monitoring library records and compiling databases on US citizens who disagree with the administration's policies, that are leading the country down an authoritarian path - ironically, one that is not far from those Middle Eastern regimes that have long clamped down on freedom of expression and independent journalism.” http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/HB23Ak02.html

See also, http://www.sundayherald.com/54975

Will Rumsfeld and the Pentagon prevail? The betting her is that the Internet, despite all the control that governments can bring to bear on it, trumps propaganda. That's a hopeful thought to hold on to. Alex Jones has got it right. -Anthony Wile


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