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CFR  controlled tabloid publishes hit piece on the John Birch Society, Kelly Taylor, and Jerome Corsi

Infowars.com | August 13, 2007
Bob Dacy

Nation Hit Piece: The NAFTA Superhighway

Many months ago, this writer, Kelly Taylor, and Christopher Hayes, a correspondent for The Nation magazine, met in a downtown Austin café to discuss the NAFTA Superhighway and the Trans-Texas Corridor.  Mr. Hayes was in Texas to interview dozens of people involved in the fight over the TTC.  For about two hours, Taylor and I explained our role, and by extension, the role of the John Birch Society, to an extremely interested  reporter.  Kelly  Taylor had  written several articles for The New American magazine on the international implications of the construction of  the Superslab, and I had written one article as well. We provided him ample documentation that the TTC is the Texas section of a planned NAFTA Superhighway meant to be an essential infrastructure project facilitating the eventual union of the United States, Mexico, and Canada into one political, cultural, economic, military, and educational entity to be called  “North America.” 

Christopher Hayes' work is now the front cover of  the August 27, 2007 issue of  The Nation.   After expending five paragraphs resembling the truth, he then springs his trap, claiming that efforts to expose the plans for the superslab  are nonsense because “There's no such thing as a NAFTA Superhighway.” 

While acknowledging the existence of  Kansas City Smart Port, the NASCO Corridor Coalition, the expansion of the Mexican Port of Lazaro Cardenas,  the Security and Prosperity Partnership and other smoking guns, he proceeds with his thesis that the Trans-Texas Corridor is real, but the NAFTA Superhighway is a complete fabrication dreamed up by  crazy right wing extremist conspiracy nuts.  Claiming “Kelly Taylor may represent a certain fringe of the anti-TTC efforts (her name prompted some eye-rolling among other activists),” that Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily  is a “right wing nationalist ,” and that the John Birch Society is “one of the leading purveyors of the highway myth,” Hayes proceeds to explain his contention that all of the smoking guns proving the planned construction of the NAFTA Superhighway are nothing but flashes in the pan.

The Nation, an old line Eastern Establishment publication whose editor, part owner, and publisher, Katrina vanden  Heuvel, is a long time member of the globalist  infested Council on Foreign Relations , sent Mr. Hayes to Texas to promote a lie.  The CFR has been promoting one world government since its inception in 1921.  Too many Americans are waking up to the REALITY and consequences of the NAFTA Superhighway, and the elites are desperately  trying to put the cork back on the bottle.  CFR members are the movers and shakers pushing for the superslab, and if word keeps spreading, someone might just accuse the CFR of treason.  (Chairman Emeritus of the CFR, David Rockefeller, has proudly admitted that he is working against the best interests of the United States in order to form a one world government.  See page 405 of his book, Memoirs.

Exposing the outright lie that is Mr. Hayes' work could take months, as proof  of the planned superslab is abundant as rocks in concrete.  For now, I will offer just two examples.  First, to claim that the Trans-Texas Corridor is real, and that the NAFTA Superhighway is fiction defies logic and common sense.  To believe Mr. Hayes, one would have to believe that the TTC is a highway to nowhere.  The four football field wide monstrosity  will simply stop at the Rio Grande river to the south, and will not link up with anything across the Red River to the north.  No one is denying that the TTC is to be new construction, yet Mr. Hayes would have us believe it is NOT part of a much larger system.  Preposterous!

Second, I offer the words of  United States Congressman Michael McCaul, from the 10 th District in Texas.  In no way can Mr. McCaul be accused of being part of the tin foil hat wearing paranoid crowd.  In a letter responding to Kelly Taylor's letter asking for his support of  H. Con. Res. 487, a resolution expressing opposition in Congress to the  NAFTA highway and any form of a North American Union, Mr. McCaul, in a letter dated November 20, 2006, writes, “This is an issue of great importance to me BECAUSE THE TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR IS INTENDED TO BE THE FIRST PART OF THE NAFTA HIGHWAY.”  (Emphasis added.) 

Mr. Christopher Hayes of The Nation magazine…YOU ARE BUSTED!

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