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Idaho House Passes NAU Resolution

JBS | March 14, 2007
Mary Benoit

The Idaho House successfully passed House Joint Memorial 5 by a voice vote on Monday. The legislation is a resolution that opposes U.S. participation in the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) and the development of the North American Union (NAU). The legislation has been transmitted to the Senate for further consideration and will hopefully come to floor vote soon.

Idaho represents the 14th state to introduce anti-NAU and SPP resolutions. The other states include Arizona (S.C.M. 1002), Illinois (H.J.R. 29), Georgia (S.R. 124), Missouri (S.C.R. 15 and H.C.R. 33), Montana (H.J.R. 25), Oklahoma (S.C.R. 10), Oregon (S.J.M. 5), South Carolina (S. 416 and H. 3185), South Dakota (S.C.R. 7), Tennessee (S.J.R. 88), Utah (H.J.R. 7), Virginia (S.J.R. 442 and S.J.R. 387), and Washington (H.J.M. 4018 and S.J.M. 8004).

Only a few of the resolutions listed above have come to a floor vote in their respective state legislatures. The Arizona Senate passed S.C.M 1002 by a vote of 17-11 and has been sent to the House for further consideration. In Montana, H.J.R. 25 was passed by a landslide vote of 94-5 and has been transmitted to the Senate. The Utah legislature seemed the most promising with a House vote of 47-24 on H.J.R. 7. However, when members of the Utah Senate blocked the resolution from coming to a floor vote at the close of the congressional session, the resolution was essentially killed.

If the state Senate passes H.J.M. 5 in Idaho, it would represent the first state to successfully pass an anti-NAU resolution in both the House and Senate.

The introduction and passage of these resolutions will likely spark some debate in Washington on this issue. For the most part, there has been an almost complete media blackout on the intended political and economical merger of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Congress, with the exception of Virgil Goode's H.C.R. 40, has also denied knowledge on the President Bush-backed scheme to integrate the three countries participating in the Security and Prosperity Partnership.




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