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Mainstream Media Still in Denial Over North American Union

JBS | May 22, 2007 
Jim Capo

"Forget conspiracy theories about JFK's assassination, black helicopters, Sept. 11, 2001. This is the big one. We're talking about the secret plan to build a superhighway, a giant 10- to 12-lane production, from the Yucatán to the Yukon," snidely commented the Seattle Times.

While the mainstream media blackout remains essentially still in effect on the effort to merge the United States into a North American Union (except for the likes of the Seattle Times ), cracks in the system continue to propagate down into local media outlets. 

Today, the number one morning talk show in Greensboro, North Carolina offered a case in point as to how those who are willing to keep chipping away at the system might eventually succeed. Going into their interview with Congressman Howard Coble this morning, Brad and Britt   read a letter from Roxane Premont of the ad-hoc grassroots group North Carolinians to Stop the North American Union .

Roxane had complained that the screener for their show was not letting calls come through that were trying to link the pending amnesty sell-out by our U.S. Senate to the larger effort to effectively erase our borders with Canada and Mexico via the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)  launched by the Bush administration in March of 2005. While it was an honorable gesture to read Roxane's letter on the air, Brad and Britt went on to say that trying to equate the SPP to a EU like North American Union sounds too much like a "conspiracy theory." The "C" word being employed, no further explanation was apparently necessary.

In defense of Brad and Britt's current opinion on the matter, I can concede this much: Yes, the effort to expose the North American Union scheme is rife with members and sympathizers of The John Birch Society  as well as avid supporters of Ron Paul , who Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin  have on their black list. Peter Brimelow, who is supposedly on the Brad and Britt show's own black list, is also saying mean things  about the North American Union scheme.

However, here are the facts that Brad and Britt continue to ignore for some reason or other:

  • 18 states have introduced resolutions calling on their federal representatives to halt work on the North American Union (they include Virginia and South Carolina)
  • 3 of these states (Idaho, Montana and Oklahoma) have passed their resolutions
  • Oklahoma, which is in the path of the NAFTA superhighway component of the North American Union passed their resolution in the Senate 97-0. (see Basic Search Form link - top left - type in SCR10
  • 22 U.S. Congressmen, including NC's Virginia Foxx and Walter Jones, along with all three Republican Congressmen running for President, have signed on as co-sponsors of HCR40, which calls on the executive branch to end all work on the North American Union and NAFTA superhighway
  • Even the Sierra Club of Canada is sounding the alarm  against the North American Union

I could go on, but I'll close on this: Lou Dobbs, who has been talking non-stop on the North American Union for almost two years, has watched his rating double over that time period. And, he has just landed an additional gig on CBS. Really, it is not like discussing this topic occasionally is going to sink the ratings of Brad and Britt in the Morning, or even the ongoing dwindling circulation of the Seattle Times .

Against all this though, Brad and Britt and the Seattle Times seem willing to stand their ground on nothing better than the arguments of fact vs. myth  put out by the same Bush Administration apparatchiks who told us to trust them on WMD.  They wouldn't being lying to us now, would they?

By keeping organized pressure on these media mavens, we will eventually meet with success either by gaining air-time or influence with others in the community through the media's continued silence in the face of a growing mountain of facts.

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