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Schwarzenegger Wants Entire World Bound Under One Environmental Treaty
Suggests Blair Would Make a Good Envoy for Environment

JonesReport | June 27, 2007

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the high-profile 'last guest' to Tony Blair on his way out the door to his newly named post as envoy to the Middle East quartet.

The California governor also took the occassion to point out that he would like to bring all the countries of the world together under a 'Kyoto' like treaty, suggesting that Blair would make a good envoy to such a pervasive treaty, as This is London reported, all in the name of reducing greenhouse gases.

Mr Schwarzenegger said he would back Mr Blair's appointment as envoy for the quartet of the US, EU, UN and Russia which is leading the international drive for Middle East peace.

But the governor, who has made the battle against climate change a personal crusade, added: " Out of selfish reasons I hope that he becomes the envoy for the environment and brings all the countries of the world together to join some kind of treaty - a Kyoto kind of treaty - that everyone can join and we can all together reduce greenhouse gases.

Read the full story on Blair and Schwarzenegger here .


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