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Martial Law

ps_martial_law.jpg Articles and information related to the breakdown of Posse Comitatus in America and the rise in the use of federal armed forces for domestic policing worldwide.

Martial Law Articles

[03/21/2006] BBC: Concerns over Military and Police merging
The recent killing of an unarmed Virginia doctor has raised concerns about what some say is an explosion in the use of military-style police Swat teams in the United States. » More

[03/14/2006] Storm-battered parish considers hired guns
If the Federal Emergency Management Agency approves the sheriff\'s department\'s proposal, which would cost $70 million over three years, up to 100 DynCorp employees would be deputized to be make arrests, carry weapons, and dress in the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff\'s Department khaki and black uniforms. » More

[02/23/2006] Bush wants military to lead disaster help
The White House is scheduled to release a report today calling for the military to be more closely involved in handling large natural disasters as part of a plan to improve the government\'s emergency response operations, which were exposed as fatally flawed after Hurricane Katrina. » More

[02/20/2006] Fallujah\' Created Among Cotton Fields
Downtown Fallujah is coming to Arkansas, minus the Iraq war but replicating it to train soldiers for the real thing. » More

[01/04/2006] Army to occupy Canadian city
MORE than 500 army troops, backed by helicopters, armoured vehicles and artillery, will turn downtown Winnipeg into an armed camp as part of a military exercise to train soldiers for the modern battlefield. » More

[11/15/2005] French government extends emergency powers by 3 months to control riots
French President Jacques Chirac has vowed to create new opportunities for young people in an effort to prevent any resurgence of urban violence. » More

[11/10/2005] Martial Law in a Nutshell--15 Questions
» More

[11/07/2005] Australia plans army terror role
The Australian government is planning to bring in new laws to allow for the rapid deployment of troops to support police against any terrorist attack. » More

[10/31/2005] Bush to unviel new martial law strategy
The Bush administration\'s long-awaited plan on how to fight the next super-flu will likely include beefed-up attempts to spot human infections early, both here and abroad. » More

[10/26/2005] Hate crime laws and the path to tyranny
The insidious thing about evolutionary tyranny is that it’s gradual progression. It doesn’t beat you over the head with the iron fist of a despot or sweep you aside with a wave of revolution, but, rather, is a death by a thousand doses of bad medicine that makes benign neglect seem utopian. » More

[10/24/2005] Wilma\'s Wake: Martial Law in Cancun
Troops and federal police moved in Monday to quell looting at stores and shopping centers ripped open by Hurricane Wilma, while hunger and frustration mounted among residents and tourists stranded in one of Mexico\'s most prosperous resorts.\n » More

[10/15/2005] Bush poised for ironic step of instituting martial law
A specter is stalking America - the specter of martial law. » More

[10/13/2005] Pentagon Plans to Beef Up Domestic Rapid-Response Forces
The U.S. military is planning a more rapid, robust role for active-duty forces in responding to catastrophic disasters or terrorist attacks, a senior Pentagon official said yesterday, describing the demand for large-scale military resources in such cases as \"inevitable.\" » More

[10/11/2005] What would modern quarantine look like?
Bush\'s comments recall how quarantines were enforced in the 1890s, when armed guards patrolled streets to keep victims of smallpox and other dreaded diseases confined to their homes. » More

[10/11/2005] House urged to investigate Arroyo \'martial law\' plan
THE HOUSE of Representatives should investigate an alleged plan by Malacañang to declare a state of national emergency, which could lead to a possible declaration of martial law, a party-list legislator said Tuesday. » More

[10/11/2005] Military May Propose an Active-Duty Force for Relief Efforts
The military\'s Northern Command is developing a proposal to organize a specially trained and equipped active-duty force that could respond quickly to assist relief efforts in the event of overwhelming natural disasters, like major hurricanes, floods or earthquakes. » More

[10/10/2005] Bush Cites Military Takeover In Case Of Flu Outbreak
During this afternoon\'s White House press conference President Bush confirmed that he would attempt to impose military curfews and quarantines in case of a flu pandemic occurring in the United States. » More

[10/10/2005] Playing with fire: President must be careful in domestic use of troops
The Bush administration is hinting, and not too subtlely, that it would like to alter the Posse Comitatus Act or discard it. » More

[10/10/2005] Bush looks to Pentagon to take lead in disasters
President Bush indicated that he may ask Congress to put the Pentagon in charge of the response to domestic disasters such as the two recent hurricanes — a change that could take authority from the hands of governors and local officials. » More

[07/25/2005] N.Y. Subway Riders Resigned to Searches
The searches that have begun on the New York subway are only the beginning. Cities all over the country are already falling in line and readying to install similar procedures on all mass transit lines. » More