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National ID

National ID Articles

[03/17/2006] MPs face new Lords clash on ID cards
The Government was heading for a fresh battle with the House of Lords yesterday over plans to force anyone applying for a passport to have an identity card too. » More

[03/16/2006] ID cards \'could use Pin numbers\'
New national Identity Cards could come with Pin numbers to check holders\' identities, the Home Office says. » More

[03/13/2006] Compulsory and centralised - UK picks hardest sell for ID cards
By using both compulsion and a central identity register in its ID card scheme the UK Government has opted for the combination least popular with the public, according to a study carried out by the Open University. The results of the study, Privacy Attitudes and the Acceptance of Identity Cards in the UK, are due to be published in the Journal of Information Science, and show increased levels of suspicion in the public over both of these key aspects to the ID scheme. » More

[03/03/2006] Feds may soon check all workers\' IDs
Congress is headed toward approving a plan that would require employers to check every worker\'s Social Security number or immigration work permit against a new federal computer database. » More

[02/28/2006] Big Brother can\'t wait to ID us all
The governments of Britain and the United States, knee-jerking to pandered fears of terrorism, apparently can\'t wait to have every man, woman and child carrying what essentially is a crowd-control device writ large. Proponents of the \"National ID Card\" would have such a document contain not only your photograph but fingerprints, retina scans and as much personal and background information on you as that little black strip on the back can contain. » More

[12/02/2005] Standard Federal ID to Replace Common Access Cards
The new card will replace the common access cards that military personnel, government civilians and contractors now hold, said Mary Dixon, deputy director of the Defense Manpower Data Center.+ » More

[11/22/2005] Once merely messianic, Blair is now unhinged
The more pigheadedly the prime minister persists with the legislation the less we trust him. Britain faces substantial dangers from terror. It would be good if we could have faith in our national political leader. He assures us that drastic measures are needed to protect us. But he has lost our confidence. » More

[11/18/2005] Ex-MI5 boss criticises \'useless\' ID cards
The Government is coming under pressure today to rethink its plans for identity cards, after a former security service boss warned they would not make Britain any safer from terrorists. » More

[11/10/2005] IBM calls for global identity management solution
IBM has been the Globalist ID Technological arm for many many years dating back to it\'s shameful involvement in branding jewish prisoners in the Nazi Death Camps. » More

[10/26/2005] South Africa pushes electronic ID cards
The South African government is planning to speed up the introduction of electronic ID cards and passports, according to reports, in an effort to crack down on identity fraud. » More

[10/18/2005] ID cards will lead to \'massive fraud\'
\"Unlike other forms of information, such as credit card details, if core biometric details such as your fingerprints are compromised, it is not going to be possible to provide you with new ones,\" - Mr Fishenden, national technology officer for Microsoft » More

[10/17/2005] ID card scanning system riddled with errors
The Government is planning to use face, iris and fingerprint scans to identify people on ID cards. But studies have found that being scanned in the wrong type of light or in shadow could lead to an inaccurate ID, because biometric technology is flawed. » More

[10/17/2005] Minister\'s shock claim: ID scheme to check 13 biometrics
Home Office Minister Tony McNulty told Sunday\'s BBC Radio 4 World at One programme that the possibility of errors in one type of scan was precisely why the UK ID card system would be able to check 13 biometrics. » More

[07/31/2005] Senate Passes Real ID: National ID Card On Its Way
The Senate has passed the Real ID bill, creating a backdoor national ID card. After weeks of activism directed towards them senators knew the full scale of this horror but voted for it 100-0 anyway. » More