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Police Violence

Archive of articles and information related to police violence.

Police Violence Articles

[08/08/2006] D.C., the 51st Police State
We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Well, that and anyone under the age of 17. » More

[02/24/2006] SWAT raid scared school kids: parent
A St. John\'s parent is angry with the way police – including members of a SWAT team – conducted a drug raid in St. John\'s last week in the shadow of an elementary school. » More

[02/07/2006] China editor \'died after beating\'
A Chinese editor has died as a result of a police beating he received for his paper\'s reporting on corruption, journalists and rights groups say. » More

[11/07/2005] Police disrupt peace march
I was absolutely appalled to witness the Portland police apparently attempting to provoke a riot in downtown Portland last Wednesday. \"The world can\'t wait\" was a gently boisterous but peaceful and legal sidewalk march, but the cops several times blocked crosswalks and refused to let people pass on a \"walk\" signal. » More

[11/01/2005] Police Pepper Spray Non- Violent Crowd
For the fourth year in a row, the annual Halloween celebration on State St. ended with police unleashing pepper spray on the crowd. But in a departure from previous years, police didn\'t wait for revelers to turn violent before taking action. » More

[10/17/2005] Sidewalk evangelists beaten by police?
A pair of Boston-area sidewalk evangelists – one of whom is confined to a wheelchair – claim they were roughed up by city police for little more than trying to spread the Gospel. » More

[10/14/2005] FEMA goon-cops walked away from NO beating
new_orleans_police_beating_10_05 » More

[10/13/2005] Abuse, Forced Labor Rampant in New Orleans Justice System
The videotaped beating of a New Orleans resident offers but a small sample of the widespread brutality, deprivation and railroading that have come to characterize the city’s response to alleged crimes. » More

[10/11/2005] [Video] New Orleans Police Beat Retired Teacher
A retired elementary teacher who was repeatedly punched in the head by police in an incident caught on videotape said Monday he was not drunk, put up no resistance and was baffled by what happened. » More

[10/11/2005] Victim of police beating says he was sober
“I haven’t had a drink in 25 years,” Davis said. He had stitches beneath his left eye, a bandage on his left hand and complained of soreness in his back and aches in his left shoulder. » More

[10/10/2005] New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating
Two of the officers in the video appeared to be federal officers. Numerous agencies have sent police to help with patrols in the aftermath of Katrina, and Defillo said it would be up to their commanders to decide if they would face charges. » More

[10/10/2005] New Orleans police plead not guilty
Three New Orleans police officers pleaded not guilty to punching a 64-year-old man accused of public intoxication and grabbing and shoving an AP Television News producer who helped capture the confrontation on tape. » More

[07/31/2005] LA Cops fire 120 rounds at unarmed suspect
Ten Los Angeles County sheriff\'s deputies opened fire early Monday on an SUV they were chasing, discharging 120 rounds in a frenzied crossfire that injured a deputy and the unarmed suspect while sending bullets into nearby homes. » More

[07/25/2005] London Police Kill Man at Subway Station
Police shot and killed a man wearing a thick coat at a London subway station Friday, a day after the city was hit by its second wave of terrorist attacks in two weeks. » More