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Articles and information related to the misuse of deadly, supposedly "non-lethal" tasers.

Tasers Articles

[02/28/2006] Taser shot sets man on fire in US
A 50,000 volt burst from a police Taser gun set an American man on fire when the massive electric jolt ignited a butane cigarette lighter in his shirt pocket. » More

[02/14/2006] Police Taser woman at Charlotte Wal-Mart
Police used a Taser on Saturday to subdue a woman after an argument with a Charlotte-Mecklenburg patrol officer. » More

[01/25/2006] Taser Use Legal on Florida Children
First it was private school vouchers, now it’s Tasers. Florida politicians are at it again, now not only trying to hinder children mentally but injure them physically. According to a recent Associated Press article, it remains legal to Taser children under 16 in Florida, despite Senate bill proposals to stop the arguably inhumane practice. » More

[11/17/2005] Tasered 76 Year Old Man Goes on Trial
A judge has ruled that race cannot be discussed in the trial of an elderly white woman who was zapped with an electric stun gun by a black officer during an arrest last year.\n » More

[11/08/2005] Taser to offer stun gun cameras
Now, to help better examine how Tasers are used, manufacturer Taser International Inc. has developed a Taser Cam, which company executives hope will illuminate why Tasers are needed -- and add another layer of accountability for any officer who would abuse the weapon. » More

[11/04/2005] Officer uses Taser on Vance student
» More

[10/21/2005] Man catches fire after shot with Taser
A man pursued by Cumberland County deputies burst into flames after he was shot with an electronic Taser weapon that delivers a shocking electric current. » More

[10/15/2005] Tennessee native dies in Fla. Taser incident
A Tennessee native died in Florida on Thursday after being shot by police with a Taser outside a mental health center, according to The News-Press, a newspaper in Fort Myers, Fla. » More

[10/13/2005] Attorney: Police Shot Teen With Taser Gun At Least Seven Times
A teen who police shot with a Taser gun at least seven times said they had no reason to attack him, but the police chief disagrees. » More

[10/10/2005] Deputy disciplined for Taser use at party
A Collier County sheriff’s deputy who used his Taser stun device twice on a friend at a party and then placed the stun gun’s laser sights on his ex-wife and another man at the same party has been disciplined, internal affairs reports say. » More

[10/06/2005] Federal probe sought in Taser incident
The family of a Nashville man who died after being shocked by police Tasers wants a U.S. Department of Justice probe into the incident. » More

[10/06/2005] Inmate shocked for nearly 3 minutes
A Lancaster County Sheriff\'s deputy shocked a jail inmate for an uninterrupted 2 minutes, 49 seconds before he collapsed and died during a fight with four officers in July, according to an autopsy report the Observer obtained Tuesday.\n » More

[07/31/2005] Police Use Taser on 12-Year-Old On School Bus
Police departments use the x26 Taser to shock unruly suspects into submission, but Lorain residents are stunned that an officer used one on a school bus to subdue to 12-year-old boy » More