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Tickets For Good Driving

KXAN | March 9, 2006

Dozens of Central Texas drivers got pulled over Thursday for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Travis County deputies kicked off what has become a controversial reward program.

You know that heart-stopping feeling you get when seeing the flashing red lights of law enforcement in the rear view mirror? Well, you won't see that if you're a good driver, but you may get pulled over.

Getting pulled over for doing nothing wrong may not sound right to a lot of people.

Travis County Deputy Derrick Taylor says his job is to not only look for bad drivers, but reward and encourage friendly drivers.

"The big cargo truck that was in front of you and you allowed to get in front of you, that was a very nice thing you did, and because it was a safe thing, we want to reward you with a Round Rock Express baseball tickets," Taylor tells a good driver.

Free baseball tickets for good drivers - some like it and don't mind being pulled over.

"I was really surprised, but it's cool though. I thought I was like in trouble so [it was] a little nerve-wracking," driver Erin Baker said.

Other drivers are saying it's an inconvenience.

Deputy Taylor says they're not trying to scare anyone. Deputies will simply wave to good drivers and politely ask them to pull over to the side.

"What I'm trying to focus on, and the only thing I'm trying to focus on, is rewarding someone for good driving. There are going to be some people who are not going to like it because the only experience they have with law enforcement is negative," Taylor said.

Drivers like Baker say they'll take this ticket over a traffic ticket any day.

"Yeah, I will probably go with my boyfriend or something," Baker said.

This program will last until this weekend, and it stems from one that worked well some 20 years ago, except back then, deputies were handing out money -- up to $50.

No one complained then until the money ran out.

Last modified March 9, 2006