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TSA Screener Faces Theft Charge

Associated Press | October 16, 2006

MILWAUKEE -- A screener with the Transportation Security Administration was arrested after a passenger reported that she took money from the passenger's wallet.

The screener, a 26-year-old woman, was taken to jail Saturday awaiting a charge of theft and was being held on $200 bail, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department. Her name was not released.

The passenger, from Genoa City, Wis., was waiting to go through screening at General Mitchell International Airport when the incident occurred, sheriff's officials said. The passenger reported losing $20.

But officials eventually recovered $235 after the screener's co-worker told authorities he saw her storing items behind a magazine rack.

The screener, who is based in Milwaukee, has been working for TSA for 4 years, authorities said.

TSA officials declined to comment on the status of her employment.


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