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Torture okay in certain situations, barrister says

ABC News Australia | May 23 2005

A leading Melbourne barrister has renewed the debate on the use of torture. Peter Faris, a Queens Counsel and former chairman of the National Crime Authority, says torture is acceptable in extreme circumstances.
Two Australian academics openly advocate torture

Mr Faris says there has been public hysteria over the issue since the head of Deakin University made similar comments last week.

Mr Faris says he believes using torture to extract information is justifiable if it saves innocent lives.

"We're at war with terror and militant Islam in the Middle East and and also there's a war on terror, or we're fighting a war on terror which strikes at our homeland and I think from time to time there are circumstances if a person is captured, where torture, physical force can be used," he said.

"If a militant Islamic group in a wartime situation in Iraq is holding a hostage as they do in an unknown location, threatening to kill the hostage, if a member of the group is captured and refused to disclose where the hostage is, I think it's quite appropriate to torture that person for that information."


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