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Cheney 'Appalled' by Durbin's Nazi Outburst

NewsMax | June 20, 2005

Vice President Dick Cheney slammed No. 2 Senate Democrat Dick Durbin on Friday, saying his comparison of U.S. troops to Nazis was so "appalling" that he had to watch his language while discussing it.

Asked about Durbin's outburst, Cheney began by telling WWTN Nashville radio host Steve Gill: " I'm sure [this is] a family program, Steve. I have to be careful what I say."

Then the VP leveled both barrels at the Democrat's reckless complaint that Guantanamo detainees are subject to Nazi-like treatment.

"I thought Durbin was totally out of line," Cheney said. "For him to make those comparisons was one of the more egregious things I'd ever heard uttered on the floor of the United States Senate. ... It was so far over the top that I'm just appalled that anybody who serves in the United States Senate would even think those thoughts."

Cheney said that Durbin couldn't be more wrong about how the GI prison guards behave.

"The fact of the matter," he told Gill, "is the situation at Guantanamo is being very well handled by our military. ... [The terrorist detainees] are well-housed. They're well-fed. Their religious needs and desires are catered to. They're not being tortured or mistreated, but they are a major source of intelligence for us. Plus, we need to keep them off the streets."

Cheney reminded the Nashville audience that the Guantanamo guards have to handle some pretty rough customers.

"Remember what's happened here," he told Gill. "These are terrorists, these are bomb-makers ... these are hard-core terrorists is the only way to describe them. They're unlawful combatants. They're out to kill Americans. And if you put them back on the streets, that's exactly what they'll do."

The VP said it's clear that Durbin's comments have his fellow Democrats squirming, and hinted that he thought the scandal may force the top Democrat to walk the plank.

"I think they're swallowing hard," he told Gill. "We'll see what happens."



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