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Beijing to monitor students' risk behaviors

Xinhua | October 14 2006

Beijing health and education authorities plan to monitor the risk behavior of students in the hope of reducing violence, unprotected sex and Internet and drug addiction.

The urban youth risk behavior monitoring plan will target 10 to 24-year-old students in elementary school and universities, the Beijing News reported Saturday.

The move is part of the city's five-year plan to improve campus disease prevention and the physical and mental health of students, the paper said, adding that details of how the students will be monitored have not been fully developed.

Previously regular anonymous surveys were used to monitor trends in risk behavior of students.

The authorities will be looking to prevent violence, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drug-taking, computer game and Internet obsessions, and sexual activity that might cause unwanted pregnancy or the spread of venereal diseases, the paper said.

By monitoring the students, the health and education authorities will learn more about the spread of campus risk behavior and work out better prevention schemes, the paper said. Enditem


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