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Imprisoned Chinese Writer Sues Yahoo

The Inquirer | June 11, 2007

A REPORTER who got 10 years in a Chinese gaol because Yahoo passed across his details to the authorities is suing the portal, Associated Press reported.

Shi Tao wants money from Yahoo because it sneaked on him, his mum told AP.

Shi Tao was jailed in a trumped up case alleging he gave so-called state secrets to foreigners.

Yahoo admitted it turned him in but like Google and Microsoft claim they're just obeying orders.

The World Organization for Human Rights is suing Yahoo, and Mr Shi has joined that case.

There isn't much justice in the world, but there's even less in the People's Republic of China, no doubt. Last week Amnesty International continued its attack on software multinationals which insist they're only obeying orders.



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