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Cops grill ex-IRA spy over murder

Sunday Life | October 1, 2006
By Stephen Breen

A former IRA spy is set to be quizzed by cold case cops over the murder of a hero soldier.

Sunday Life understands the police's Historical Enquiries Team will interview double agent 'Kevin Fulton' later this month about the 'human bomb' attack which claimed the life of RIR soldier Cyril Smith QGM.

The case is currently being investigated by Police Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan after the murdered soldier's parents, Bernie and Cyril, told how they believed their son was allowed to die to protect the identity of a republican spy.

But police investigators believe Fulton - who infiltrated IRA units in the south Down area around the time of the attack - can provide the names of the bomb gang.

Said a senior source: "The Historical Enquiries Team think Fulton could provide them with crucial information about this murder.

"There was a lot of agents inside the IRA's south Down unit around this time, but Fulton was up there.

"He has been questioned before about his time in the IRA and the team has every right to quiz him because he was central to the organising of Provo operations around this time."

Sunday Life contacted Fulton about the soldier's murder last night, but he refused to make any comment.

The murdered soldier's parents, Bernie and Cyril, who believe their hero son was allowed to die to protect the identity of a republican spy, urged anyone with information on the murder to come forward.

Said Bernie: "We are just letting the Historical Enquiries Team get on with their job and we are hopeful that we can receive justice.

"We know there are people out there who know the truth behind Cyril's murder and I would plead with them to give their full co-operation to the police and Mrs O'Loan."

Cyril (21) died after a bomb ripped through the permanent border vehicle checkpoint at Killeen, outside Newry, in October 1990.

He had just rescued James McAvoy (68), who was warned by an IRA gang that his sons would be shot if he did not drive the bomb to the checkpoint.

Cyril was running back to warn his comrades about the device when it exploded, killing him instantly.

He was the first RIR soldier to be killed during the Troubles.

East Antrim DUP MP Sammy Wilson has vowed to raise Ranger Smith's case as soon as possible at Westminster.

A petition has also been launched in Carrickfergus about the murder.


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