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PISCATAWAY — Facing eviction from their 75-acre Pisctaway farm at 3 p.m. Monday, the Halper family plans to hold rallies protesting the eminent-domain ruling that will force them from their home and business.

"Some people will arrive Saturday, and we plan to have rallies on Sunday and Monday afternoon," said Clara Halper, wife of Larry Halper, whose family owns the farm on the corner of South Washington Avenue and Metlars Lane. "There'll be people who oppose eminent-domain laws. . . . We'll have some people speak."

As of Wednesday, the rallies had not yet been scheduled.

The Halper family and Piscataway Township have been locked in a bitter dispute since the fall of 1999 over the farm that the township has seized under eminent-domain laws for the purpose of open-space preservation.

The New Jersey Supreme Court has recently ruled that the Halper farm action qualifies as "public purpose" and open space under eminent domain.

The Halper family contends that the seizure process has been rife with conflicts of interest involving attorneys, judges and township officials.



Freestar Media | July 6, 2006

On Monday, July 10, 2006 at 3 pm armed agents of the government of Piscataway, New Jersey will arrive on the property of Clara & Larry Halper. The police will remove the Halpers and their four children from their home and farm. This land has been in the Halper family for over 80 years. Don't be surprised if a few years later we see shopping malls or condos built on the Halper's property. There is nothing to prevent the Piscataway government from changing their use of the land after they grab it.

We plan to have a camp-out starting Saturday and lasting until the eviction. We need YOU to be there. If ever there was a time to take a stand, it is NOW. If ever there was a place to take a stand, it is HERE. Take your excuse for not being there and throw it in the trash. When Paul Revere signaled the alarm the early Americans didn't respond with excuses they responded with action. People who believed in freedom dropped what they were doing and showed up to confront their oppressors.

We need YOU to drive your RV, pitch your tents, and take a stand against eminent domain abuse by camping out at the Halper Farm until the moment of eviction. We hope it will be like Valley Forge without the frostbite and Woodstock without the mud.

Date: Starts Saturday, July 8, 2006, but most people will show up on Sunday. The eviction is Monday, July 10 at 3pm

Location: Farm of Larry and Clara Halper
4 Bella Drive, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
(photo: Clara, Larry and their four children)

Activities: There will be traditional camping activities, plus on Sunday afternoon several musical groups will perform (rock, classical and whoever else shows up). If you want to attend you do not need to make a reservation, just show up. There is plenty of space and the Halpers welcome you to camp on their land. However, we'd like to keep a count so we encourage you to RSVP here. Check back to this website before you drive to get up-to-the-minute information.


On Monday July 10 at 3:00 the government of Piscataway, New Jersey will evict a family from their farm using eminent domain. While the U.S. Constitution should have protected their home now it is up to YOU. Some people plan to form "Human Constitution" around their home when the police arrive to take it.

The Halper family has farmed their land for over 80 years. Now the government of Piscataway, New Jersey will take their 75 acres using eminent domain. The government claims it wants to take the farm to preserve "open spaces." It's a farm. It is already an open space. Don't be surprised if shopping malls and condos are built on the Halper land in a few years. There is nothing to prevent the government from changing their use of the land after they grab it.

Furthermore, the family has turned down offers to develop it and even tried to sell the development rights to the State of New Jersey so they can be left alone. A representative of a Democratic campaign committee demanded a "contribution" in exchange for giving the Halpers a good price for the development rights. This request for a bribe was caught on tape by the FBI and lead to the resignation of Governor McGreevy.

With the "open space" argument shown to be absurd, the government next accused the farm of being a "toxic waste dump" althought they have failed to provide any proof of this. The only chemicals found were pesticides against mosquitos that the city itself was caught spraying on the farm in the middle of the winter.

The government of Piscataway has taken over the property of many other people in the area using all sorts of rationale (senior housing, open spaces, etc.) most of it has been sold to developers for high-density housing. Many people believe the Halper farm will also be sold by the city to well-connected developers.

The government of Piscataway, New Jersey has been harassing the Halper family for years by sending over police officers on bogus code infractions, driving by and shining bright lights in their windows and even arresting Larry Halper on superficial charges. When Freestar went to a public fair to interview Mayor Brian Wahler (and offer an award from Vladimir Lenin) we were surrounded by police and chased away. A government like this should not exist in America.

You can help draw a line in the sand in the battle over eminent domain. Take a stand at the Halper Farm. Don't assume others will preserve your freedom for you. We need YOU to join us. In addition to helping stop eminent domain abuse you can help the Halpers by purchasing a ornamental pear tree or shrub . They have spent a fortune on legal bills to try to fend off this land-grab by the government. Buy a plant, don't let the government steal it.


1. Get the media involved: contact talk radio hosts and encourage them to do a live on-site broadcast, to get people to show up for the Halper Camp-Out, and to generally promote it.
2. Contact groups that might get their members out: RV owners, camping groups, property rights groups, other victims of eminent domain.
3. Contact entertainers: musicians, comedians, performers, Civil or Revolutionary War re-inactors.
4. Help us rent a flat bed truck for a stage, a PA system for the entertainers, and port-a-potties.
Help us buy food and drink for the campers, make banners, and cover other costs.
5. Answer phone calls and e-mail from people that have questions about the event.

You don't need prior authorization to help with items 1-3...just do it on your own! For 4 & 5, or to help in some other way, please contact logan@freestarmedia.com




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