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YouTube | August 17, 2007


A Puerto Rico Police Officer shot and killed a local man over the word "charlatan".One of three officers involved in the incident shot the man "point blank" at least 4 times after the man had been being handcuffed on a street sidewalk in the town of Humacao.

Initially, the officer in question shot himself in the thigh, while pulling his gun out of his holster during the scuffle, subsequently the officer shot the man he had just subdued at least four times killing him.

The three officers involved then fled the scene in their patrol car. Local residents had to call "the police" to report the killing. Pedro Toledo, Puerto Rico's Police Superintendent called the killing an "execution". Nelson Echevarría,President Of The Puerto Rico Police Federartion said that the officer's actions were an indication of "lack recurring training" and the failure to "follow-up" on said training by the Puerto Rico Police Academy. The incident started when the victim "motioned" to the Police Officer that it was safe to proceed thru the street where a neighborhood party was taken place. The officer balked at the victim's comment citing "Who Do You Think You Are? "you are a "charlatan". "You are talking to the Puerto Rico police". The victim answered, "with all due respect officer, I think you are the "charlatan". The victim's comments ignited the ire of one of the officers, resulting in the victim's death at the hands of a "so-called" "public servant". The Victim was part of a 15 year old girl's birthday celebration. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has entered the case. The officer in question was freed on bail, at 5:59 p.m., August 16, 2007

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