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Florida Student Shot by SWAT Team Member

Prisonplanet | January 14, 2006

This is a sophisticated piece of mind washing journlism.

The report goes all out to sell the fact that the replica gun looks a lot like a real gun. This is simply beside the point, the fact is a SWAT team was called in and the 15 year old kid was gunned down.

We are then told over and over that it does not matter how old the person is, if the authorities decide their is a threat, lethal force is totally acceptable.

Witnesses and other parents at the scene comment that lethal force should not have been used, even though their kids were possibly in danger.

The report sells us on the premise that SWAT teams are guided by what's known as "a force continuum", the more force a suspect THREATENS to use, the more force an officer CAN use.

Everything from beanbag shotguns to tasers and tear gas, all of this is perfectly acceptable in the policing of high schools now according to this report.

Virtually everyday we post reports of how kids younger than 10 are being tasered by police at schools because they are deemed to be unruly. The question is what the hell are the police doing there in the first place. Is it no longer the job of teachers to handle unruly children in school?

How is it OK for them to call the police and have a SWAT team come and taser a child?

The taser is a LETHAL weapon, as we have exhaustively documented, death often results from its use.

Finally, the video shows footage of strange cammo wearing troops along side the police at the school.

Who are these men and why are they there? Are the police now wearing army cammo gear? Or are troops being called in to police our schools now?



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