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G8 summit's rocky prelude: Black Block Anarchists Infiltrate Protests

You tube | June 3, 2007 

This year's G8 summit hasn't even begun yet, but Molotov cocktails have already been thrown in anticipation of the meeting of the world's top industrial powers.  

In the German town of Rostock on Saturday, protesters not only threw bottle bombs, but rocks and fireworks at police. Organizers of the peaceful demonstration that preceded the violence have distanced themselves from the 2,000 militants, who, police say, are part of a group known as The Black Block.

The protests are generally against globalization, capitalism, African poverty and human rights abuses.

The summit, held this year in the Baltic resort of Heiligendamm, begins Wednesday, June 6.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to attend the summit after participating in the EU-Canada summit in Berlin. His message to the other G8 leaders: We're special.

The topic of climate change is expected to be a major topic of discussion at the meeting. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has put forward ambitious global targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by mid-century. However, American officials want to remove references to specific targets or timetables.

Climate change still merits debate.


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