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Chinese man jailed for internet subversion

The Inquirer | October 27 2006

A MAN HAS BEEN dropped in the clink in China for three years for supposedly causing trouble by posting a pro-rights essay online.

According to news.com, Li Jianping, a 40 year old and student participant in China's infamous Tiananmen Square 1989 demonstrations, was nabbed for posting an essay published on overseas Chinese websites in 2003. He'd been accused of "inciting subversion of state power," and found guilty.

The essay Li posted was in support of Hong Kong protestors fighting against a widely criticised legislation, Article 23, which has been accused of clamping down on political liberty.

This jailing follows another similar case just last week, with dissident Guo Qizhen nicked for four years for "inciting subversion" - he ranted at his country's suppression of civil rights.



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