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Israeli forces use new deadly weapons

Al Jazeera | May 3, 2005

The Israeli troops used those deadly weapons to disperse Palestinian protestors

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have started to use new weapons to disperse Palestinian protestors participating in anti-Israel marches, Palestinian sources unveiled.

According to the Palestinian sources, the Israeli troops used a mini-gun that fires round-shaped tiny metal bullets, able to penetrate the human body in addition to releasing a nerve-racking gas from an auxiliary barrel.

It has been unveiled that the Israeli troops used those deadly weapons to disperse Palestinian protestors, demonstrating against the Israeli so-called Separation Barrier.

Anti-Israel marches have been staged over the past few days by Palestinian residents in Bala'een village to the west of Ramallah.

Five Palestinians, including a cameraman working for Associated Press , were wounded during the protests after the Israeli forces fired those bullets at them.

Scores of Palestinian civilians are currently being treated for suffocation they sustained after they inhaled nerve-agitating gases the Israeli forces released at them from a very short distance, the sources added.

Israel wants Hamas disarmed

In a new twist to Israel’s stand-off with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas over taking a tougher stance against Palestinian armed groups, Israeli officials said on Tuesday that Hamas must disarm before participating in Palestinian parliamentary elections this summer.

One official was quoted as saying that Israel won’t move forward with the so-called “road map” peace if Hamas participated in the July vote, which the Palestinian anti-occupation movement is expected to win.

Although Abbas has previously said that he is trying to avoid a large-scale confrontation with the resistance group, recently he adopted a tougher stance against Hamas, warning last week he will use an “iron fist” against all those violating the ceasefire.

On Monday, the Palestinian security forces arrested three Hamas activists in the Gaza Strip, and seized their weapons.

Last month, the Palestinian leader told Hamas that a movement transforming itself into a political party does not need weapons, however, he didn’t issue an ultimatum.

Hamas has recently increased its political participation, competing in local elections held in several rounds in the West Bank and Gaza, including a key vote on Thursday.
But the legislative election poses the biggest test for the group.


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