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Keene man pleads guilty to trespassing at airport

New Hampshire Union Leader | June 14, 2005

DERRY — A Keene Libertarian who tried to board a plane at Manchester Airport as a protest against security screening methods pleaded guilty yesterday in Derry District Court to criminal trespass.

Russell Kanning, 35, was fined $1,000, with $800 suspended, following his plea; he paid the $200 fine.

Kanning went to the airport on Saturday, carrying only a Bible and a copy of the Declaration of Independence with him. He said he was protesting mandatory identification checks and search methods that call for security personnel to pat down passengers.

Kanning said the search methods are intrusive and harsh, especially on women.

There's more local news in today's Derry-Londonderry edition, the hometown daily paper for those two towns, plus Chester, Sandown, Danville, Hampstead, Plaistow, Atkinson, Salem, Windham and Pelham.

"They used to not feel us up before 9/11. . . . I just want to go back to that," Kanning said.

He was arrested by deputies from the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department when he was ordered several times but refused to leave the screening area of the airport, according to a court record.

Kanning, who stood in the lobby of the court with his wife, Kat Dillon, and daughter yesterday afternoon, said current screening laws at airports don't target terrorists but instead, burden the traveling public.

"I wanted to do this to make it easier for people to come and go to the airport."



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