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Kelly Psychological Profile Source Hardley Knew Him

Infowars.com | June 10, 2005

The below information from a listener reveals that Dr. David Kelly's "close
friend, whose statements were used to try and debunk and whitewash that
Kelly wasn't murdered (which he was), was not close to Kelly at all:

In the Daily Mirror Dr. David Kelly's "close friend" BBC journo Tom Mangold
, in a touching article entitled "We all let him down", writes: " ...Yet in giving Andrew Gilligan (BBC) a helpful briefing on WMD,he unwittingly ignited a firestorm. I believe Gilligan, hopefully for the best of reasons, took the apple Kelly gave him and mixed it with an orange from ANOTHER SOURCE........

He (Kelly) is deeply smeared by the foreign affairs committee, the BBC is not helping him off the hook on which it had impaled him.Downing Street is splitting blood because he didn't quite get them off the hook.. Worse still and I believe the tipping point was the possibility the MoD might deny him the chance to return to his beloved Iraq with his Unscom pals and find the missing pieces of WMD evidence Dave was confident he would find then, so was I.

Was Dr. Kelly Murdered?

Alex Jones Interviews Michael Shrimpton: The Murder of Dr. David Kelly

Dr. David Kelly --UK Whistleblower

Date 21 July 2003 From the Syndney Morning Herald 'Close friend" Tom Mangold is quoted as follows: " British weapons expert David Kelly committed suicide after learning that BBC had taped an interview that proved he lied to a parliamentary commission, one of his closest friends Tom Mangold said.

From CNN On Friday, a"close friend" said Kelly's wife had told him the scientist,who had three grown up daughters, was deeply unhappy about his role in the political row.

TV journalist Tom Mangold told ITV "She told me he had been under considerable stress,that he was very,very, angry about what happened......this was really not the kind of world he wanted to live in..."

Now on to Mangold's sworn testimony to the Hutton Commission.

Sections 60 and 61

Sec.# 60

Q. " How frequently did you meet him(Kelly) over the years? "

A. Mangold "It was not that frequent.I spoke to him whenever I had a query
about biological weapons warfare or occasionally chemical warfare subjects,
but it was not a frequent relationship.

Q. "You would meet him sometimes.
Would you be able to say roughly how often you would meet him?"

A. Mangold
" I would say on balance ,once or twice a year."

Sec# 61

Q. When you
spoke to each other, it was generally just on professional matters

A. Mangold " Always".



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