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Kuwaiti accuses U.S. of torture

By Agence France Presse | June 02, 2005

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait's first Guantanamo returnee, who was wounded during the U.S.-led war on the former Taliban regime in Afghanistan, claimed Wednesday he was subjected to psychological torture at the U.S. detention camp in Cuba.

"It was more of a psychological than physical torture. In the beginning, they prevented us from sleeping. They gave us little food and they charged me with being a member of Al-Qaeda," Nasser Najr al-Mutairi told AFP outside a Kuwaiti court.

Looking frail and weak, Mutairi still has his left foot and ankle in bandage because of wounds he received during U.S. raids on northern Afghanistan in late 2001.

"Fighters loyal to (Afghan warlord Abdel-Rasheed) Dustum shot at us randomly while U.S. warplanes pounded us. I was hit in the back, on my left foot and lost a toe in the attack," he said.

Mutairi, who was repatriated in January, was released on $680 bail by Kuwait's criminal court on April 13 and was banned from leaving the emirate.

On Wednesday, the court allowed Mutairi's lawyer to take photocopies of reports of the investigations conducted by U.S. interrogators in Guantanamo Bay and set the next hearing for June 15. Mutairi is charged with working for a foreign country and committing an act of aggression against a foreign nation, thus endangering Kuwait's relations, and trainin


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