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Man arrested for wearing Grinch mask

Associated Press | May 27, 2005

Our police can wear black ski masks, visors and cover their badge numbers, but we can't so much as wear a scarf without ending up in jail.

WHEELING, W.Va. - A man is in trouble with the law for wearing a Grinch mask in public.

Norman Gray, who was stopped by police on Tuesday, was told to take the mask off and not put it on again.

Police say Gray took the mask off and asked why he couldn't wear it. After officers told him that wearing masks in public is illegal, he reportedly put the mask back on and said he didn't believe it.

Gray was then arrested and the mask confiscated.

Wearing a mask or hood in public is a misdemeanor under West Virginia law, punishable by a fine of up to $500, up to a year in jail, or both. Prosecutors say masks can hinder efforts by law enforcement officials to identify criminal suspects.

Children are allowed to wear masks. There are also exceptions for safety gear, theatrical productions and Halloween.

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