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UK Muslim Man Detained by Police - Harrassment Initiated Due to William Rodriguez Flyer

9/11 Blogger | August 4, 2007

A Muslim man left his car overnight in a parking garage on July 5, 2007. When he went to go retrieve it on the 6th, he was detained by a phalanx of police, ushered to a van and interrogated. The bomb squad was on the scene, seriously considering detonating his car.

They saw a power inverter sitting in the backseat, but what apparently put the situation over the top was that the man had a flyer advertising William Rodriguez's speaking tour sitting beside the inverter in the backseat. The flyer was described to the man as "terrorist literature" by the police during his interrogation.

The man tells his story on Islam Radio , you can D/L the MP3 here:
http://www.al-balaagh.com/Brother%20X/Brother%20X.MP3 (12.5 MB)

He's free, but what a harrowing experience.

Story pieced together via:
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WYTC Event: Last Man Out - William Rodriguez in Burnley on July 6th

Large version of the alleged "terrorist literature":


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