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Student Faces Criminal Charges For Teacher Jokes on Myspace

A Henry County high school student is facing criminal charges after posting comments about his teacher on the Web site, MySpace.com, reported WSB-TV in Atlanta.

The teacher has filed defamation of character charges against the student, Alex Davis, 15.

Eagle’s Landing High School science teacher Robert Muzzillo pursued the charges against Davis after noticing a profile with his name attached on MySpace.com.

The profile talked about Muzzillo liking Michael Jackson and having a "gay old time," like the Fred Flintstone song.

Davis said he only wrote that Muzzillo lost an eye wrestling with alligators and midgets. The teen said it was just a prank and meant as a joke.

When the school found out that Davis was involved, he received three days in-school suspension. Then he learned the teacher had filed charges against him.

"I have finals coming up and I have to study and instead I have to go to court," Davis said.

Davis' father said the charges are a waste of the court's time.

"This has all gotten kinda bizarre," Andy Davis said.

The Davis' have hired attorney Lee Sexton to handle the case.

"It's just silly stuff about a teacher they were just joking about. It's gotten way out of hand," Sexton said.

Davis said he apologized and said he was only having fun and never threatened anyone.

"You can say whatever you want but it can get you in trouble," he said.

Davis is scheduled to head to court next Tuesday. His attorney said the criminal defamation of character charge is unconstitutional.




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