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South Carolina Rejects Real ID Act

JBS | June 26, 2007
Jim Capo

Building on its tradition of being at the forefront in the resitance against tyranny, the state of South Carolina passed this month perhaps the strongest legislation yet against the federal government's Real ID Act.

Follow this link to the original source: "SC Says "No" to Federal REAL ID Program"

S 449

SECTION 1. Chapter 1, Title 56 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding:

"Section 56-1-85. The State shall not participate in the implementation of the federal REAL ID Act."

And that's how simple it is to tell the Federal Government to take a hike.

The reason this short sentence is so powerful is that unlike many state bills passed and pending against the Real ID Act, there are no superfluous clauses. Clauses like, "because this is an un-funded mandate," which can be used to implement the Real ID Act when the Feds provide funding (that is even more control) down the line.

While local news media most often painted the SC bill as merely an attempt to avoid future long lines in DMV offices, state legislators passed an earlier resolution (H 3989) making it quite clear on what grounds they were rejecting the Real ID Act:

Whereas, the State of South Carolina recognizes the Constitution of the United States as our most fundamental charter of liberty and the Bill of Rights as affirming the fundamental and inalienable rights of Americans, including freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures and freedom of privacy; and

Whereas, the Constitution of the United States grants to the federal government the ability to make only seven mandates on the states, and that these mandates are...

The vibrant and clear wording on this resolution was drawn up by seasoned South Carolina legislative activist Aaron Bolinger (right) and Dr. Steven Yates, philosophy professor and active Birch member being among his many hats. With the added help of a persistent team of concerned citizens, within a few months, they were able to shepherd this resolution and the bill rejecting the Real ID through the labyrinth that is the process for generating legislation in the state.

In recognition of their efforts, Governor Mark Sanford presented the team of patriots behind the legislation, the pen he used to sign the bill into South Carolina law.

Somewhat retracing the steps of patriots in colonial America, its on to Pennsylvania now for Aaron Bolinger. He will be sharing his experience with patriots there looking to duplicate in their state the victory SC has won against the Real ID federal power grab.

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