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Canada gets its own no-fly list

CBC | May 23, 2007

Ottawa has announced plans for new security upgrades, including barring some people from flying on commercial flights.

Under the program, the government will identify people who pose "an immediate threat to aviation security" and will work with airlines to stop those people from flying, said Transport Minister Jean Lapierre.

But Lapierre admitted Canada's effort would be modest compared to programs elsewhere.

Transport Minister Jean Lapierre: 'It's going to be pretty limited compared to what the Americans are doing.'

"It's going to be pretty limited compared to what the Americans are doing," he said.

Names would be added to the list based on information supplied by CSIS and the RCMP. Data would also be shared with American and British security officials.

The U.S. has operated a no-fly list for a few years following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

Asked why Canada is still reviewing its security issues, Lapierre replied it had to do with legalities.
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"We have a legal environment that is very important to consider. We can't just come up and put anybody's name on the list," he said. "We're learning from the American experience. You've seen all the names that were put on that list and people were stopped all over the place."

Lapierre said the government would not use racial or country profiling in figuring out which names to put on the list.

"You know we can't do profiling in Canada, and we don't intend to do that," he said.

Lapierre also said he plans to meet with key players in the ground transportation system in light of the recent transit attacks in London.

He said he's hoping to come up with ways of improving security on subways and other public transit systems, but specifics will be hammered out with the industry.

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