Patriot Act Reauthorization Set to Pass House
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Patriot Act Reauthorization Set to Pass House | July 19, 2005

Congressman Ron Paul’s office has notified that the Patriot Act reauthorization is set to pass the House on Thursday or Friday. As things stand now, there may be even less votes against the legislation this time than for the vote on October 27, 2001.


Read Alex Jones' Analysis of the Secret Patriot Act II, for Which he won a Project Censored 2004 award

Paul’s office said that they’re throwing everything at them at once: CAFTA, the Supreme Court nomination, and making the Patriot Act permanent.

Every American needs to contact Congress and tell them to control our borders, not butcher the Bill of Rights. Remember, Congress wasn’t even allowed to read the Patriot Act in 2001. This time, they know what they’re doing. They just hope we don’t.






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911:  The Road to Tyranny