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Residents Want City To Take Stand On Bill Of Rights

WNNE 31 | March 21, 2005

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- A group of Seacoast residents wants officials in Portsmouth to take a stand for the Bill of Rights and against parts of the Patriot Act.

The Seacoast Alliance for Democracy has collected more than 500 signatures asking the city officials to adopt a resolution affirming the Bill of Rights and civil liberties.

Bob Vincent, of Rye, said that the group isn't against the entire Patriot Act, just certain parts it believes takes away important rights.

The petition stems from a movement started by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, based in Northampton, Mass. The committee was formed after the Patriot Act was adopted in October 2001.

If the city adopts the resolution later this month, it will make Portsmouth the fifth community in the state to do so. Others include Exeter, Farmington, Marlborough and Peterborough.

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