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Aborted Attempt to Murder the Browns

Keene Free Press | June 10, 2007
Kat Kanning

It appears now after hearing the testimony of Danny Riley, friend of tax truthers Ed and Elaine Brown, that the militaristic activities of the Federal Government on June 7th was an aborted attempt to murder the Browns. Federal authorities are aware that Ed Brown has said he will not be taken into custody alive, yet they still surrounded the property, bringing in 2 tanks, multiple helicopters in an attempt to take the Browns into custody. They did this knowing that it would likely result in the deaths of the Browns, and likely the deaths of officers.

What is so damned important that they need to end people's lives over? Is it really the money? I don't think so. The Federal Government can print all the money it desires. I believe it's about control. The feds can't have people telling them, "No." It threatens their whole power base, their control over the voluntary servitude of the masses. The feds are forced to take action when people question their authority. Because if we all realize that they only can do these things to us because of our acquiesce, their power will disappear. They can't have that, so the mainstream press must vilify the Browns, calling their home a fortified compound, calling them criminals for wanting to keep what they've earned. The government will continue trying to kill the Browns to maintain their control over us, their voluntary slaves.

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