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AP Smears and Sneers at Browns Yet Again
Claims family engaged in "elaborate scheme" to hide tax when all they asked for was the law

Prison Planet | June 27, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

The AP has yet again smeared and sneered at the Brown family by claiming they engaged in an elaborate scheme to hide tax, while also attacking Ron Paul for "praising convicted tax evaders."

Last week, the Associated Press salaciously lied when they reported that the Browns routinely taunt police and SWAT teams from their hilltop compound, making it appear as if Ed and Elaine Brown were deranged lunatics itching for a war, when in actual fact they have said all along that they simply want to be left alone but will defend themselves if fired upon.

If anyone is engaging in provocative tactics then it is the authorities themselves, who continue to lie in wait three weeks after they aborted a planned violent siege on the Brown's property and attempted to intimidate witnesses into validating their false cover story.

In the latest smear , the AP attempt to portray the Browns as dangerous criminals and note that Ron Paul has praised them, a sly broadside at the popular presidential candidate.

"The Browns are holed up in their Plainfield, N.H., home and have threatened violence against federal officials if marshals come to arrest them," reports the AP. "They were convicted of an elaborate scheme to hide millions of dollars in income. Their protest has become a rallying cry for anti-tax activists and militia members."

An elaborate scheme? The only "scheme" the Browns engaged in was to ask the authorities to provide them with the law that requires Americans to pay mandatory income tax, a law which they have never received.

An "elaborate scheme to hide millions of dollars in income" again implies that the Browns are criminal outlaws who are bucking the system while the average American pays their fair share, when in fact, as Ronald Reagan said, "not one red cent" goes to run the government, it all goes to pay off the nation's spiraling debt to the private Federal Reserve Bank.

The AP's unabated drive to demonize and smear the Browns knows no bounds, and again underscores the fact that the establishment media is complicit in the propaganda war against the Browns, who the elite dread will provide an example for millions of other Americans to throw out the illegal income tax system.

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