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Brown felt federal raid was 'imminent'

Union Leader | June 9, 2007

Convicted tax evader Ed Brown believes federal marshals planned to raid his home Thursday, but were stymied by a supporter out walking the Browns' dog.

"Did I think the raid was imminent? Yeah. I was notified that they were on their way," he told The Associated Press yesterday.

On Thursday, heavily armed state police officers from Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, along with federal agents, converged to seize Dr. Elaine Brown's former dental office on Glen Road in West Lebanon.

The source said agents never shot at Riley, but confirmed he was hit with the stun gun after he ran from the agents.

Riley, in the video, said he was walking the dog about 8 a.m. when he came across a man wearing camouflage in the woods near the end of the Browns' driveway.

"What are you doing, turkey hunting?" he called out.

He said the man yelled out, "Freeze" and Riley ran. He said two bullets whizzed by him. Then six other camouflaged men "popped up" from either side of the driveway, yelling, "Freeze. Freeze."

Riley said he put his hands up, told them he was unarmed and screamed for them not to kill him.

Then, he said, he was stunned with a "50,000-volt taser and I was done." In the video, the bare-chested Riley points to a mark on his left shoulder and says that was left from the stun gun.

The men, he said, had U.S. Marshals Special Operations Unit written on their camouflaged suits.

Riley was questioned for hours by the agents who, he said on the video, wanted to know who was inside the Browns' home, how many guns there were and if there were any bombs.

He said he saw four armored personnel carriers along with helicopters, ambulances and law enforcement personnel armed with M-16 rifles.

Riley later was taken to the Lebanon Police Department where, he said, he was strip-searched. He was released hours later without being charged with any offense.

Riley was then dropped off near the Brown's property with instructions to tell them a seizure order was served at the former dental office. The Browns, Riley said, already knew that. Neighbors, he said, had called them by 8:45 a.m. telling them about the police presence in town.

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