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Brown grows gray as siege drags on

New Hampshire Union Leader | | Augsut 6, 2007

Ed Brown's neighbors are growing anxious. Ed Brown is growing gray.

The gun-toting tax dodger turned 65 on July 22, according to his "Oath of Allegiance to the New Hampshire Republic" filed in county tax records. He's now eligible for Medicare, an odd milestone since he hunkered down in his fortified home in Plainfield some seven months ago.

Other anniversaries may come and go: Ed and Elaine Brown say they will not leave without a fight and U.S. Marshal Stephen R. Monier insists federal forces will not storm their compound off Center of Town Road.

As the standoff continues without end in sight, the federal government is giving financial assistance to the town to defray the cost of extra police patrols and related details, Selectman Robert W. Taylor said.

"It's definitely been an added expense," said Taylor, who did not have an estimate last night. "It's pretty much a stalemate at this point."

Federal authorities have cut off power and telephone service to the Brown property, hoping to make life difficult for them and have them give up. Monier said Friday his team continues to reach out to the Browns and encourage them to end the conflict peacefully. "We do have open lines of communications with them and continue to encourage them to turn themselves in," he said. "A lot of good people are working on this."

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