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Browns' bash draws about 200

Union Leader | July 16, 2007

PLAINFIELD An estimated 200 people turned out for the "Live Free or Die Concert" at the Plainfield home of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown yesterday. As of early evening, police were calling it a peaceful gathering.

About 100 cars lined one side of the Browns' half-mile driveway by early afternoon. Helicopters circled overhead as new arrivals searched for parking.

At least four musical acts -- Poker Face, Blue Eyed Fools, Paperback Radio, Dave von Kliest and Matt Kazee -- were scheduled to perform at the party, which the Browns promoted on their Web site as featuring "food, drinks and fun."

Plainfield police regulating traffic at the top of the driveway said they would tow any vehicles parked on Center of Town Road.

Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens said a traffic counter he installed Friday on the gravel, dead-end road more than a mile from the Browns' property was stolen sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight.

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