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Homeland Security Terrorizes Brown Concert Goers

roguegovernment.com | July 17, 2007
Lee Rogers

Approximately 200 people attended the free concert at Ed and Elaine Brown's home in Plainfield NH this Saturday to support the couple who have both been convicted of federal income tax evasion. The conviction is a fraud because there is no law that requires an individual to pay a tax on their labor. The Brown's are refusing to turn themselves in because the conviction itself is a fraud. and based on a non-crime. Recently a Louisiana attorney was acquitted of a similar non-crime because the government failed to identify a law that required the man to file an income tax return . Despite being a peaceful gathering, concert goers were continually terrorized by a Department of Homeland Security helicopter that circled the property throughout the entire day. Even into the night, the helicopter continued to fly around the property shining a spotlight on concert goers and into the surrounding woods in an obvious attempt to intimidate the Brown's and peaceful visitors.

The concert was primarily organized by the We The People Radio Network with Jack Blood a radio show host with the Genesis Communications Network serving as MC. The concert organizers discovered that the helicopter circling above the Brown's property was a Department of Homeland Security asset after researching the identifiable letters and numbers that were painted on the helicopter. Jack Blood announced the news to the crowd in between some of the musical acts which was amusing to everyone in attendance. Amazingly, the local police had no idea what agency was responsible for the helicopter circling the property until the concert organizers informed them.

The actions of the helicopter pilot were dangerous at times as they would fly very low to the ground over the concert goers. During the low fly bys the helicopter would fly only 200 to 250 feet above the concert goers. The actions of the pilot were irresponsible and unnecessary especially considering that there were families with children there.

Besides the on-going air show provided by the Department of Homeland Security, local police officers remained outside the Brown's property stating that they were making sure that concert goers didn't block any of the road. Other than that, the police presence was very light outside the property. The concert organizers even brought out hamburgers for the police officers.

All of the fear mongering from the government and establishment media about the so-called Brown fortress and this potentially dangerous gathering were entirely unfounded. The Brown's have a very nice home and all of the people who attended the event were very friendly and considerate. It is no wonder why the Brown's decided to bar establishment media journalists from their property because most of what they write is misleading and biased towards the government's point of view.

The big question is why the Department of Homeland Security an agency that we have been told is primarily tasked to stop terrorism was assigned to endlessly terrorize people attending this peaceful gathering. Either they think the people who attended this event are terrorists or the main mission of the Department of Homeland Security is not to protect U.S. citizens from terrorism but instead to enslave the domestic population. The Patriot Act redefined what a domestic terrorist is and has been abused on several occasions. The Patriot Act has been used to harass a toy store owner, prosecute petty crimes and even threaten a photographer taking pictures of Dick Cheney . It is certainly possible that the government views many American citizens as terrorists including the people who attended this gathering at the Brown's home.

Judging from this event, it is clear that the Department of Homeland Security and the government are the real terrorists. There was absolutely no reason for them to have a helicopter circle the property for hours on end. Ed and Elaine Brown have been convicted of a law that doesn't exist and the gathering was entirely peaceful. Is the government prepared to kill people for refusing to follow a law that doesn't exist? Let's hope not.

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