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Ed Brown says feds have no jurisdiction in New Hampshire

Union Leader | June 8, 2007

PLAINFIELD "What are they trying to do, start a war?" Ed Brown said of the police presence near his Plainfield home yesterday. "What do they think we have in here, tanks?"

Brown, who maintains there is no law that requires average American citizens to pay a direct tax on their wages, spoke to a group of reporters from a second-floor window in his house after a veritable army of heavily armed police officers and federal agents left the area around his rural home without ever making contact with him.

The government detained and questioned a man who discovered surveillance teams positioned around the house yesterday morning.

As Brown spoke, half a dozen helicopters made wide circles overhead.

"How does a foreign national army act in a country they are occupying?" Brown said. "These people are no different than our troops in Iraq. I feel bad for our troops over there."

Brown, who asserts that the federal government has no jurisdiction in New Hampshire and no authority to charge him under a non-existent law, said the activity surrounding his properties in Plainfield and West Lebanon yesterday was a "Zionist, Illuminati, Free Mason movement."

"I hope I don't see anybody up there with guns in the woods, because what am I supposed to do?" he said, citing a New Hampshire law that allows citizens to defend their property with deadly force.

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